Whether you are giving your kitchen a facelift, renovating a kitchen or building a new kitchen your kitchen benchtop will be a main feature in your design. Selecting the right benchtop which suits your needs as well as looking spectacular is important. Albatross Cabinets have experience using all types of benchtop materials and can help you choose the best one for your kitchen.


Browse through the different types of benchtops that could be suitable for your kitchen.



Engineered Stone Kitchen Benchtops

Engineered stone has been a long time favourite and gives an amazing finish to any kitchen. Once an expensive option, engineered stone is now becoming more affordable. The finish it provides to a kitchen as well as it’s practical use makes it a highly sort choice. The most common stones I would recommend are Essastone, Caesarstone, Quartz and Quantum.The unique colour and texture of these stones can be matched to kitchen cabinets, splashbacks and even appliances.



Granite and Marble Kitchen Benchtops

There is something about granite and marble kitchen benchtops that exude sofistication and refinement. The natural beauty, colour, depth, clarity and natural variation that are found in granite and marble can transform any kitchen into a modern masterpiece. The precise craftmanship in cutting the marble and the sealing process will give these beautiful benchtops the best possible performance in your kitchen.



Laminate Benchtops

Custom fabricated laminate bench tops are a great option for the budget conscience kitchen renovation. The quality of laminate benchtops and the variety of finishes has improved considerably over the years. The flexibility of laminate mean that they can be made into almost any size or shape kitchen bench.

Your style and personality can shine through with the wide choice of colours and finishes.

+ Laminex Colours


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